It is done to improve the shade of throat […]

Crown and bridge

There are many type of crowns, it maintains the strength of a tooth bridges help to replace missing tooth […]

Flap Surgery

Gum surgery done to treat pyorrtea […]

Emergency treatment

Certain condition in dentistry need immediate intervention servre pain and sweling , pus formation and fractured
tooth/jaw are some of the examples. […]

Pediatric dentistry

Ignoring dental problems related to milk tooth may lead to other servere problems of permanent dentition . So preventive approach must be taken to resolve the developing issues. […]

Flap Surgerye

Gum surgery done to treat pyorrtea […]


Tooth size and jaw bone discrepancy often to less space available for eruption of certain tooth. The maore commonly associated with wisdom tooth. So they cause swelling and pain . They require surgical removal i.e. disimpaction. […]